Archeologists believe that some cultures in Asia have been using the versatile and resilient bamboo plant for more than 10,000 years to craft tools, build homes, and as a critical ingredient in medicines. Today, modern manufacturers have discovered the secret to using bamboo fibers to create garments, linens, and other items, bringing the plant’s unique durability, breathability, and comfort to people’s lives.

Pajamas made with bamboo fibers simply make sleeping better. The unique weave of bamboo fibers in pajamas do a great job of both improving breathability and improving comfort, regulating temperature so that bamboo pajama wearers get a comfortable night’s sleep that is neither too hot nor too cold. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, reducing discomfort like itchy skin and irritation that can be caused by synthetic fibers or cotton. And bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, ideal for individuals with breathing issues, asthma, or people suffering from breathing problems.

Pajamas made from bamboo are naturally more absorbent than other fabrics, doing an outstanding job of wicking away sweat, making them ideal for summer nights or overheated bedrooms. But bamboo pajamas are so comfortable that they work equally well in the winter, providing a refreshing night’s sleep.

If you have ever suffered at night because of irritation, overheating, sneezing, wheezing, or other problems related to the fabric of your pajamas, you should definitely give bamboo pajamas a try.

Bamboo Pajamas for Women

After carefully considering all of the leading bamboo pajamas for women on the market today, we have come up with our top five list:

Women’s Bamboo Pajama Sleep Set (Bamboo Bliss)

The Bamboo Bliss set from Texere comes in a choice of nine different lovely pastel colors available in seven sizes ranging from X-Small to 3X Plus. The Bamboo Bliss set features loose, comfortable pants with side pockets, side slits, and a drawstring closure. The Bamboo Bliss set also comes with a lovely short-sleeve top with pleats and reglan sleeves. The Bamboo Bliss set is made from a blend of 5% Spandex, 25% cotton, and 70% bamboo fibers for an ideal ratio of comfort, durability, and breathability. The bamboo fibers in the Bliss set are made from entirely natural, organic bamboo that is both environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. Safe enough to be washed in a machine and tumbled dry on low setting, the Bamboo Bliss set will provide years of refreshing, comfortable sleeping.


Women’s Long Sleeve Pajama Set (Tranquility)

The Tranquility sleep set from Texere comes in your choice of four different color tones and are available in 14 different sizes ranging from X-Small Petite to 3X Plus. The Tranquility sleep set is manufactured from 5% Spandex, 25% Cotton, and 70% bamboo fibers for a perfect mix of comfort, longevity, and breathability. The long-sleeve top comes with a lovely scalloped lace feature under the main bodice. The full-length pants have side pockets and are held snugly in place with an elasticized waist. Ideal for temperature regulation, the Tranquility sleep will keep you warm in the winter and cool and refreshed in the summer thanks to the unique properties of the bamboo. Perfect for sleepers who suffer from breathing problems or who are sensitive to allergens, the Tranquility sleep set is naturally hypoallergenic, made from organically sustainable bamboo fibers. The Tranquility sleep set can be machine washed and dried to provide years of relaxing, refreshing sleep.

Pajama Heaven Women’s Bamboo Jersey Pajamas

This two-piece sleep set from Pajama Heaven is available in five different styles to add a fun and flirty sense of fashion to any woman’s wardrobe. Available in four different sizes, the Pajama Heaven sleep set features a short-sleeve top with a pleated scoop neckline and full-length pants with two pockets and an elastic waistband. Delightfully soft and cool to the touch, the Pajama Heaven is made from 5% elastane and 95% bamboo fibers to provide a wonderfully comfortable and light pajama ideal for spring and summer nights. The Pajama Heaven can be machine washed and tumbled dry on low heat.

Women’s Bamboo Sleep Shirt (Harmony)

The Harmony Sleep Shirt from Texere is available in four different patel colors. Made from a blend of 5% Spandex, 25% cotton, and 70% bamboo fibers to combine breathability with flexibility, the Harmony Sleep Shirt features 3/4 length sleeves and a 3/4 opening that fasten with mother of pearl buttons. Designed to be tag-less for extra comfort, the Harmony Sleep Shirt does a great job of regulating temperature to give sleepers a relaxed and comfortable night. Safe enough to be machine washed and dried, the Harmony Sleep Shirt makes for a stylish addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Bamboo Dreams Cleo Pajama Set

The Cleo Pajama Set from Bamboo Dreams comes in seven different color choices and is available in four different sizes. The Cleo Pajama Set features an Empire-style top that lands around the mid hip area as well as a cropped pant for stylish comfort. Made from a mix of 5% Spandex and 95% bamboo fibers, the Cleo Pajama Set feel buttery soft to the touch and are a delight to wear. The ideal mix of bamboo and Spandex provides breathability and comfort with plenty of flex so you’ll never feel hemmed in or swaddled as you sleep. Safe enough to be machine-washed and dried, the Cleo Pajama Set will provide countless nights of refreshing and relaxed sleep.

Bamboo Pajamas for Men

After carefully considering all of the leading bamboo pajamas for men on the market today, we have come up with our top five list:

Men’s Woven Plaid Pajama Pants (Hypnos)

The Hypnos Pajama Pants from TexereSilk come in three stylish plaid choices and are available in five different sizes ranging from small to XX-Large. Designed with a generous cut, the Hypnos Pajama Pants come with an elasticized waistband that cinches closed with a drawstring, side pockets, and hidden buttons in the double fly. The Hypnos Pajama Pants are made from 100% woven bamboo fibers for a lightweight and yet super comfortable fit. The Hypnos Pajama Pants are odor-resistent, highly absorbent, and naturally hypoallergenic to provide a comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep. Safe enough to be machine washed and dried, the Hypnos Pajama Pants will get more comfortable and softer with every wash to provide years of durability and comfort.


Qianxiu Men’s Bamboo Cotton Pajamas Long Sleeve Sleepwear

The Qianxiu sleepwear set comes in a soft grey color and is available in three different sizes. Featuring a top with a round neck and long cuffed sleeves matched with a pant with an elastic waistband, the Qianxiu sleepwear set will keep men comfortable and warm all year round. The Qianxiu sleepwear set is made from a unique blend of 22% polyester, 23% polyester, and 55% bamboo fibers to provide a soft, breathable, and stretchy pajama set that is naturally hypoallergenic. Ideal for allergy suffers or individuals sensitive to irritation, the Qianxiu sleepwear set is safe for machine washing and drying.

Latuza Men’s Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajamas Set

This long-sleeve two-piece pajama set from Latuza comes in a stylish navy design available in two different sizes. The Latuza sleep top comes with an elegant notched collar design featuring a chest pocket, button front closure, and classic contrast piping and trim throughout. The pants of the Latuza pajama set have two side pockets and a comfortable wide elastic waistband. Designed from 5% Spandex and 95% bamboo fibers for the right mix of breathability, comfort, and flex, the Latuza two-piece pajama set is perfect for sleeping or lounging around the home. Safe for machine washing and drying, the Latuza two-piece pajama set for men will provide years of comfortable, refreshing, and relaxed sleeping.


Fishers Finery Men’s Pajama Pants

These pajama pants from Fishers Finery come in four different solid colors and are available in five sizes ranging from small to XX-Large. Designed from a blend of 5% Spandex, 25% organic cotton, and 70% bamboo fibers, the Fishers Finery pajama pants are soft, breathable, and excellent at wicking away sweat and moisture to provide a relaxing and comfortable sleep. Stylish enough for lounging, the Fishers Finery pajama pants feature the manufacturer’s special Ecofabric design that feels incredibly soft yet is made to provide years of durable comfort. The Fishers Finery pajama pants come with a drawstring, elasticized waist, and no tag to scratch or irritate.

Qianxiu Bamboo Pajamas Sleepwear Overshirt

Available in a lovely soft grey color and three different sizes, this full-body sleep set from Qianxiu is guaranteed to provide a comfortable night’s sleep. Made from a special blend of 22% polyester, 23% cotton, and 55% bamboo fibers, the Qianxiu top coms with long, cuffed sleeves and a comfortably round neck. The pants of the Qianxiu sleepwear set have an elastic waistband. Made from a naturally hypoallergenic material that is recommended for men with allergies or sensitive skin, the Qianxiu sleep set is designed to keep men feeling warm and comfortable all night long.

Why You Should Choose Bamboo Pajamas

Bamboo is a very special plant, thriving in lots of different soil types and environments without any need for chemicals or fertilizers. Requiring far less water to grow than plants like cotton, bamboo is a great “green” choice that does a superior job in minimizing the impact on the environment.

As a fabric, any garment made from bamboo, including pajamas, benefits from the natural softness of bamboo which is why so many people all over the world choose to wear pajamas made from this wonder plant. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and resistant to allergens and irritants that can cause skin irritation or aggravate breathing problems.

Pajamas made from bamboo are more absorbent than pajamas made from other fabrics like cotton, so bamboo pajamas do an outstanding job of wicking away sweat and other moisture. Bamboo pajamas have a light, more breathable weave, meaning that they dry faster than other fabrics, giving sleepers a comfortable and more refreshing sleep. Many people who suffer from asthma, skin irritations, or uncomfortable sensations of feeling overheated during the night have turned to bamboo pajamas for a natural and comfortable relief to these issues.

Bamboo pajamas also have the added natural benefit of becoming more comfortable, soft, and enjoyable to wear with time. Every time you wash and wear your bamboo pajamas, you’ll be improving their ability to deliver a deep, refreshing, and enjoyable night’s sleep.

How to Take Care of Your Bamboo Pajamas

In general, bamboo pajamas are resilient enough to be washed and cleaned just like any other type of pajamas. Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for how to get the very best experience from your bamboo pajamas.

When you first buy a pair of bamboo pajamas, wash them once in hot water using no soaps or detergents. This will help tighten up the fibers and prepare them to give you years of comfortable nights.

For regular care, bamboo pajamas can be cleaned in a washing machine with cool or cold water and gentle detergents. Most bamboo pajamas either have no dye or color-fast dyes, making them safe to mix with other items in the washing machine. Tumble dry on gentle.

Brands Of Bamboo Pajamas

As of yet, there is no clear industry leader when it comes to bamboo pajamas but brands like TexereSilk, Pajama Heaven, Fishers Finery, and Yala have been winning over women with their stylish, comfortable, and durable designs. For men, bamboo pajama brands like Qianxiu, TexereSilk, Male Power, Fishers Finery, and Latuza have been giving men a way to look great while enjoying a relaxing night’s sleep.



With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that bamboo pajamas are becoming the hottest trend in night wear. Bamboo fabrics have a natural, silky soft feel that makes them a true delight to wear. Bamboo fabric is naturally breathable, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable through the night while gently wicking away any sweat. Bamboo pajamas are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic, making them the perfect choice for anyone suffering from asthma, breathing issues, or skin irritation when wearing synthetic fabrics.

Bamboo is an environmentally-friendly plant that grows quickly, requires less water than plants like cotton, and is resilient enough to never need chemicals or fertilizers. Many people looking for a good night’s sleep would choose bamboo pajamas simply for their “green” credentials alone, but bamboo pajamas are also more comfortable, more resilient, and provide a better sleep experience than other fabrics. Often described as being “silky soft” without feeling silky, bamboo pajamas have the added benefit of getting even more soft and comfortable with repeated washings.

With so many advantages, it’s quite understandable that bamboo pajamas are rapidly becoming the preferred sleep wear of choice for millions of people around the globe.